How to Start a Game

This Thanksgiving, we were able to spend time with Zach’s family which meant time to test the game with new people. We have been known to bring a huge bag of games with us to family events. Think Mary Poppin’s bag, at least that’s what Zach refers to it as. The event was the fourth time we had the game out with family or friends. It is really taking shape now, so we say it is in the testing phase. Our new add this week was a survey to this blog so that each time we or someone plays, they can fill in questions or tweaks. As we got feedback, I (Rachel) was found playing with our iPad in my lap taking notes to remember later.

One of Zach’s hardest things to figure out has been how to start the game. In the first version, the start was putting four cards per player out on the table. Instead of giving each player their four cards, each person had to pick from the middle randomly. One card per player was turned upward so everyone could see it. The first person who picked that card got to place their piece first and go first. That person also had to give up another card to another player in order to get this ‘honor’. Zach likes to play games with more strategy and less chance. He felt this would give him a sense of more control. It wasn’t working as we thought, so we started playing with just picking a person to go first when we played the next two times. At the beginning of this week, he came up with a new start.

This starting move was each player puts out a number of fingers between 0-5 on the count of 3. Whoever has the highest number that isn’t matched by another player’s number goes first. In this game, there are 3 starting positions and we have discovered going first is definitely favorable because you can be close to the desired Black Market tile and get there potentially first to grab equipment cards. After our latest play though, the starting mode is back up for review.

What interesting ideas might you have for starting a game? Share comments with us below. We are open for feedback and ideas!!

Until then, we’ll keep trying different modes of starting the game!

Our First Post

Zach and I (Rachel) are coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary in a couple weeks. Throughout this last year, we have learned a lot about each other. One way that we learned about each other was by playing games. While we were dating and into our first year of marriage, we have tried a lot of games for two people because sometimes you just need an activity to liven up the conversation when it is just the two of you sitting together every night.


During this time, life changed a lot for both of us. Zach says he never gets bored, and I was looking for some new hobbies as a married lady. Zach suggested we create a game together because we wanted something new to play. It didn’t take long and Zach started thinking about his ideas all the time. As we were driving north to my parents in October, we started jotting down ideas for this new game. It was apparent Zach was full of ideas and I was able to edit.


After about a month and a half, we have made some great progress (mostly due to Zach’s drive and ideas). We are starting this blog to share the journey with you, and hopefully get some feedback from our readers along the way. So get ready to learn about “The Heist”!