It Starts with an Idea

Zach has no shortage of ideas, which is one thing I’ve learned about him quickly in our marriage. And when he gets an idea, he puts a lot of time and effort into making it happen. That is how our game started. As we both have been making some changes in our first year of marriage (two singles becoming a couple), we keep talking about things we could do together or separate these days. One day he says I need a hobby and that we should create our own game since we like playing games so much. I agreed that was a good idea and one I could be interested in. Little did I know, he already had an idea on the tip of his tongue/mind. I, on the other hand, thought we’d just noodle on it occasionally from time to time. This was the middle of October 2015. In the next day or two, Zach starts to tell me he has an idea for the game and basically that has been something we discuss almost every day.

The game is centered around each player acting as a thief to steal artifacts from the board. The first player to acquire $10 million wins. We enjoy games that have a different board each game to keep things interesting. In this game, that not only happens at the beginning with the initial set up of the tiles, but the tiles can be moved throughout the game. One minute you’re positioned to make a big move, and then next thing you know, you’re on the whole other side of the board. While a lot of things have changed over the last month, this has been consistent since the idea started. We call it the Heist because of the thieves stealing artifacts. The tiles have one rule to start, each tile must touch at least two sides of other tiles. After that, they have to keep touching one tile and cannot create islands. (see an example of a start in the picture below)

As you can probably guess, Zach has taken this on with a passion. He said he never gets bored, and I can see now why that is the case. He may not be able to bike or be outside as much, now that winter is starting to set in. This game has been his project ever since. I remember driving up to my parents for my birthday on October 23, and Zach was starting to share his idea of the game with me. We tweaked it a little as we talked. Once we were at my parents, Zach stationed himself at the dining room table and started jotting notes all over a small notepad.

Every day I get home from work and often am met with “I thought of some changes to the game. Do you want to hear them?” Zach is the idea man, and I am the editor. I guess we’re a good match!

Possible Game Setup