The First Play

As we, well, I mean Zach has been preparing the game to be sent to some family and co-workers to test, I was reminded of the first couple times we tried playing the game. Zach had created his first prototype out of 3×5 cards. They were handwritten in small print that was hard to read. For the very first game, Zach played alone.

Now at this point, Zach had been working on it for a little over a week. To say he was feeling confident in his abilities was an understatement. He was gloating to me in his texts during the work day about all the pieces he had put together. To him, he was very pleased with what he had developed. And then he played it…. We had already made plans for that Saturday to play games with some friends, and I told them we had a new one to play. It was Friday night and Zach tried playing it by himself. He acted as 2 players and then 4 players. I still remember him looking at me and saying “it’s not as good as I thought.” It took a little for me to try to build his confidence again because it was still so early in his process. I trusted his abilities and his creativeness. He was just built up in hope that it brought him down a little bit.

Our friends came over for dinner. Being avid game players, they were curious to this new game I had teased them with. Zach was still hesitant but I told them that Zach had created his own game…they were hooked and wanted to know more. So the first time playing commenced. With our cut up 3×5 cards and game pieces from another game, we played two rounds. Because it was the first time playing, we decided to play with the action cards laid out so everyone could view each other’s cards.

After the first game, we already made a change from 4 actions per turn to 3 actions per turn. For awhile, we had a rule that you could only hold 8 cards at a time. If someone saw you had more than 8, you had to give up half. For whatever reason, at that time cards were collected more. More recently, we haven’t noticed people holding as many cards. This might be due to knowing more about how the cards work. Anyway, we got rid of the “only 8 cards” rule.image1

Special thanks goes to our friends, Bill & Heather for being intrigued and patient to play the very first rounds with us!