Version One Changes

This past week we played a couple times and pulled out our old versions of the game. It was fun to reminisce a little about where we’ve come. We also had to remind ourselves that it has been a lot of progress in only two months, even though it feels like we have been doing it for longer.

Initially the game involved money as part of the way to gain the $10 million net worth to win. Actually, I think the goal was $10,000 but millions seemed to be bigger and better after those first couple rounds. I remember winning one of my first games with just money cards, and not having to steal any artifacts. We also had a complaint from a friend that she didn’t get to acquire anything in a game (money or artifacts), so Zach made a point that he wanted to make it easier for everyone to at least have one artifact to not discourage anyone.

game money v1

Another part of the initial game design was to have a different number of cards in the deck depending on how many players were playing. This was difficult because Zach had to find ways to indicate which cards were in for what player count. It started as a number in a corner of the deck. But we quickly learned that was cumbersome and our friends seemed confused by the indicator. We weren’t sure people would understand when we eventually would have a game to send/sell. I thought it would have been interesting, as I don’t remember playing any other game where the deck was variable.

One initial goal was to make a competitive game; one where you played on your own against the other players. Then we would build on it to make it also an option to play a cooperative mode. The cards were then designed to play two ways (top one way, bottom the other). However at this point today, we have decided to only keep it competitive. I just thought it would have been fun to buy a game where depending on the group or my mood, we could determine if we wanted to play cooperatively or against each other. Zach and I have two games now that are cooperative, but most of our other games are competitive. Learning as a new couple, sometimes it was better for us to play cooperative, especially when we were playing with other couples.

One last change we made after the first game play was to add our Black Market. This was an idea from our friend Heather. At first, Zach’s reaction was not positive to the idea, but after a few days, he determined it would work. Now we have a Black Market with its own deck, which provides a way for people to go gather the equipment they need if they can’t get it from the normal action card deck.

Today we are definitely in research and testing mode. If you’re reading this and want to connect with us, feel free to contact us and we’ll play soon!