Reflection Moment

Over Christmas, we had the chance to play the game multiple times with family. We even had the chance to try it out with my cousin Sarah’s 9-year old daughter, Mara. She enjoyed it a lot, and it confirmed for us that the age range of 8+ is correct. Mara even was able to frustrate Zach and her uncle by her third game, which caught the attention of most of the family in the room.

Another part of our goal recently has been for people to read through the instruction manual to see if someone could figure it out and play it without us being there to explain it. There are definitely a lot of details and different ways people think about words you use. Zach’s done a lot of work on his designs and the manual. We did have a success as our friend, Peter read it and explained the rules to my family to play it. Zach and I had the opportunity to observe, which taught us a lot. If you’re curious what the manual looks like or want to get more familiar with the game, you can find it in the Downloads section of our blog.

As I was reflecting on this journey so far, I remembered one of the first Fridays this fall when Zach had the day off and worked 10 to 12 hours on the game. I came home to find he created a little working station in the living room, and he has spent most weekends stationed there. Now most of the work is just tweaking things as we get feedback, but it is fun to see a product emerging that can be used and played by multiple people. Zach is very talented and has produced all the pieces so far, and designed all the work as well. When he said we should create our own game, I had no idea what would emerge in such a short period of time. I am so proud of the work he has done and the effort he has given to giving this a try! So far it has met our goal of a fun game for us and our family to play. Now to see what else is yet to come.

zach's station 04.png