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After 4 months of working on The Heist every single day and 3 months after the creation of the blog, I (Zach) thought I should write my first post.  I have learned a lot about board games over the past 1/4 year.   I had no idea about so many things that went into the design of a new game.   Today we are going to learn about designing a box (well, maybe, many of you reading this might be checking out here).

Every game needs a box.  Boxes come in different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and styles.  The past two weeks I have been steadily working on designing a box that will hopefully make consumers want to grab The Heist when they see it on a shelf.   I went with a traditional design where there is a top half and a bottom half.  The top half covers the bottom when it is put together. The size is smaller than the usual big box, but the game is compact, so it’s a good fit.


What I didn’t realize at first was that each half of the box is designed separately.  There are also 5 sides to each half (front face, and 4 sides).  Each of these sides must be facing the correct way as the box is designed.  After blankly staring at a photoshop document for what felt like hours, I decided I would have to design each side by itself in one document, and then slowly combine the parts into one.  Trying to visualize 5 parts coming together at once was just too much of a headache.


After the box “wrap” is designed it must be printed, and then wrapped (glued) to a perfectly sized piece of cardboard (which is another adventure by itself ).  In the end you are left with a newly created box to hold all the pieces!





Oh yeah…make sure you make the bottom half of the box is adequately smaller than the top half.  Whoops.  Looks like I have to assemble another one…


– Zach



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  1. Hey Zach! Saw your project here and I had an idea you may or may not have thought of. You could have game pieces 3d printed. I’ve had a bit of 3d printing done for a work related project, it’s very reasonable especially for small objects.

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