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It’s a new year, and I haven’t written much here yet to kick off 2016. The last one was written by Zach, our resident game designer, and I hope you all enjoyed a moment to hear from him (even though I told him he was writing to other game creators and not the general public). We had a little lull in game testing for a week or two, but this last weekend The Heist was played 3 days in a row. It also made its first game night appearance! Oh man, it is starting to sound like our child/baby that we’re bringing around and showing people! But it kind of feels like it, so oh well. I guess that’s what it means to be proud of any creation.

The play test was a success even with a little guy stealing some cards.

Friday, my sister Ariel brought it to a game night she attended and a few new people were introduced to the game. Then on Saturday, Zach was in his element when he got to talk to a guy who works for a game manufacturer. Zach had a lot of questions answered and got to check out some product elements for what he might choose when he has it professionally made. On Sunday, we had our marriage mentors come over for lunch, and then spent most of the time talking about the game. They even helped us by reading the updated instructions to help us see there were still some tweaks needed but it was more understandable. Then Sunday afternoon, Zach went to St Paul to a friend’s with access to a studio. He sprayed the boxes he made with some acrylic spray to help make it more durable. We are getting great responses on his game box! When he went to our friend’s apartment, another guy had come over and thought it was a game sold in stores. Zach played with the guys and they enjoyed it.

While we continue to get really good feedback, Zach is still waiting to for some upcoming conventions before he starts selling and garnering support for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (plug for those of you who haven’t signed up to our email list yet – we have 50 but need 500!). This coming weekend (Jan 29-31), Zach is going to Protospiel in St Paul, where people come to share their prototypes. Then manufacturers, publishers, and game players all come to check out what’s newly entering the market. We are hopeful to get some feedback here to know our next steps. Next, he is scheduled to go to Con of the North from Feb 12-14 in Minneapolis. Here people come to request a table and bring a game of their choice, and other people sign up to play the game they brought. Many of these games are games sold in the market, but prototypes are welcome too. Maybe we’ll see you there?!?



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