Downloads (PnP)

On this page you can download all the files necessary to play The Heist!

Below are the files needed to play. Each file just needs to be printed once. There will be a fair amount of cutting out though. 19 tiles, 72 cards, 18 artifacts.

Here are the PnP (print and play) files:

Printable Instructions
(No need to print this one, just read it online)

Printable Cards
(The 3 blue cards at the end are just for reference)

Printable Tiles
(This file contains all necessary tiles and artifacts)

Printable Artifacts
(If for some reason you want the artifacts by themselves, here they are)

If you download, print, cut, and play the game please fill out the survey!  The more feedback we get the better the game will be.  Thanks!


Here is a quick look at what the printable files contain:

Page 1 of the cards:

Printer Version of Cards-1

Page 1 of the tiles:

Printer Version of Tiles-1


Printer Version of Tokens