Game Updates

Week of 02/01/16

The Heist had an interesting time at Protospiel MN. 13 people played it for the first time (including 3 publishers). At least 10 others watched part of one game.

Feedback was all over the place. Some liked it, some did not.

– There are many many small wording updates to the rulebook.
– 5 cards have been updated to eliminate confusion (earthquake, landslide, punk’d, pay day, and world traveler) See cards pdf in post 2 for new wording.
– The biggest change is that the number of action cards were reduced from 59 to 44. The game play is better because there is a higher percentage of “tile moving” cards, and that’s what the game is all about.


Week of 01/18/16

We had two blind playtests this past weekend. Both went well overall. The second group had a few minor issues. The rule book is getting some small updates to make certain things more noticeable.

Probably the biggest change is the wildcard. From this:

To this:

Week of 01/04/16

We now have a box!

Top (left) and bottom (right) view:IMG_20160118_163628009

Week of 01/04/16

After 20+ play test games in the past two weeks and one blind play test it was clear we needed one change for sure.

Gone are these ugly things that no one used:
Assistant Sheets2
They were too wordy, too ugly, too big, and all of that info is easily gathered from the board anyways.

In are these new cards:
Action Card Reminders
The biggest issue was people could not remember what actions they could take on their turn (for their first game). Sometimes people didn’t even realize how to move (use 1 action to move one space). The info is in the instructions, but there is a lot to take in for the first game. These cards should help!

Week of 12/27/15

  • Updated instruction booklet to make the actions section stand out more
  • Further clarified “Hands in the Air” and “Desperate Heist”
  • Played 19 games over Christmas and New Years with family and friends

Week of 12/13/15

Updates/Improvements this week:

  • Updated 3 cards to erase confusion (Hands in the Air, Catch 22, and Bonus)
  • Further clarified some starting phase rules
  • Changed only allowed to steal 1 of each item to you can only possess 1 of each item (too much confusion around this rule)